Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Good news from Chitambo

Despite the sad national news in Zambia, there is good news from Chitambo.  The funds which Friends of Chitambo raised at the Golden Jubilee celebrations here in Scotland, and transferred to Chitambo for maintenance of the Chitambo Centenary Ambulance, have arrived safely.

Dr. Mmamulatelo Siame, or Telo as she kindly invites us to call her, is Chitambo's first ever Zambian lady doctor.  She is, by all accounts, proving popular with the community, and is also a great source of local news to inform our activities.  For example, she has mentioned a recent visit by Christiaan van der Hoeven, son of Dr. Frits van der Hoeven, who served as a doctor at Chitambo from 1972-79 and is a signed up member of Friends of Chitambo.

Christiaan spent his early years at Chitambo and was about 6 years old when the family left.

Apparently he is very willing to join us in Friends of Chitambo and, assuming so, we welcome him with open arms.  What a small and wonderful world we inhabit!

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