Monday, 9 February 2015

Amazing snippets of news from Chitambo

There have been several interesting pieces of news: Firstly, a lady gave birth alone in the bush for want of being able to summon appropriate help. Her husband walked 26 kilometres to reach the hospital and summon the ambulance. This is evidence of the need for the project which Chitambo partners have proposed, to 'strengthen emergency care information and communications in the Chitambo District'.

Secondly, a UK midwife has paid a visit to Chitambo but is unable to practice there, due to government regulations. She would need to apply to the Ministry of Health in order to practice and may need to undertake a related exam.

Finally, some very exciting news of a plan, by a Scottish group, to establish an agricultural university in the Chitambo District. It is not yet known who this group is or where exactly they will site the university. However, Chief Muchinka (an agriculturalist himself) has allocated land. Chitambo District is certainly expanding and is on the global map.

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