Monday, 6 August 2018

Books, books, books!

Huge thanks to Lead Medical Librarians at the University of Zambia (UNZA), for a pile of Merck Statistical Manuals. What a generous gesture. These are much prized by Chitambo health staff and will make a real difference. As they say, with friends like these, Chitambo is blessed.

UNZA donation of Merck Manuals

Also to Dr-to-be, Yun Xin Koh, founder of Sheffield Med Aid, for the generous donation of 4 British national Formularies (BNF) and to Karen Edwards, Vision Aid Overseas, Zambia, who offered to take them to Zambia for us.  

Yun Xin Koh (R) and Lovenes Mwelwa (L) with BNF 
Karen was in UK for a meeting and was in touch to offer help with transporting any items back to Zambia. At our FoCH Social and Information Event yesterday (Saturday 21st July), our new Trustee, Chris, who's partner is on the Board of Vision Aid, picked up the 4 fat drug formularies.  His partner, Laura, a local Optometrist, will take them to the Vision Aid Board meeting in England (25th July) and the books should now be on their way to Zambia where our local Trustee, Consider Mudenda will intercept them for onward transport to Chitambo when convenient.

Thank you to all for the generous donations and help.

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