Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Emergency care communications network

Fabulous progress has been made on enabling the emergency care communications network in Chitambo District.  The necessary communications infrastructure (radios and masts) is now in place and working well.  Please see this illustrative video, prepared by Dr. Bridget Innes, FoCH Trustee/Medical Adviser, with shots taken by her and FoCH Project Manager Considder Mudenda (March 2019):
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has commissioned Emergency Response Zambia (ERZ) to deliver the necessary Call Handler training to Chitambo frontline emergency care staff. Once done, the 992 shortcode (freetoll) number for health can be fully implemented, giving all Chitambo District community members free phone access to vital emergency care help and advice. There are many people to thank, particularly Scottish Government and First Aid Africa for funding the infrastructure and the Zambian Government for agreeing piloting of the code in Chitambo District, as the first rural district to do so.
However, Consider Mudenda (pictured below) has been the real driving force on the ground and it is largely through his tireless efforts, negotiating with all parties over the last 4 years, that this great initiative is finally succeeding.
Mr Mudenda, you are a real change agent for the greater good. You ask nothing for yourself, only to make a difference for those in need. We commend and salute you!

Consider (Right) with ERZ Operational Leads

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