Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November 2011 - A Visit to Chitambo

A visit to Chitambo, funded through the THET Multi-link Project on e-learning (see our other THET webpage:http://www.thet.org/healthlinks/zambiaghananhs-education-for-scotland-nes-health-multi-link/ ) demonstrated progress towards the re-opening of the school. 

Most things were in place (books, computer and other teaching equipment provided by the Zambian MOH and General Nursing Council (GNC) in storage.  (See the following photos)

Locally made furniture
Locally made furniture for Chitambo NTS
New Books for the NTS
New Desktops

We saw the PfA-sponsored furniture (chairs, desks, beds, mattresses etc) tried and tested and ready for use!
Testing a PFA bed
New student mattress

The classroom was completed and ready for action:
Levi Lecturing

The student hostel was almost ready.    Trainees had been selected to start as soon as the school opens.  An experienced Principal Tutor and Nurse Tutor had been appointed.   Their houses were almost complete and more tutor housing was being planned.

Welcome by local staff

The NTS developments were welcomed by local health staff including Dr Tiza Mufune, District Director of Health and Matron Hilda Mubanga (pictured below):

Jo with Dr Mufune

Matron Hilda (left)

There were high hopes of the school re-opening January 2012.  This would depend on GNC inspections.  However, assuming the re-opening went ahead as scheduled, it could coincide with the opening of the Agape Village Foundations orphanage (pictured).