Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Remembering Janet

Today, Tuesday 12th March 2019, is the 2nd anniversary of the passing of our beloved Honorary President Mrs Janet Knox.  Janet was a nursing sister at Chitambo in the 1960s. She loved the place and the people and her main legacy is in supporting nurse training scholarships there. She and her family continue to offer generous financial support for that and other things.

Some Friends of Chitambo marked the day by meeting with Janet's husband George for a memorial lunch.  Despite protestations, George gave us another generous donation towards continuing Janet's legacy at Chitambo.  We are very grateful for that and the support of the Knox family in general.

It was lovely that our Trustee, Dr Bridget Innes, was there to bring first hand news of Chitambo. She has just returned from a very productive project monitoring visit to Chitambo.

Bridget also brought back a wonderful haul of Zambian crafts which will be offered for sale at our fundraising event at Edinburgh University on Thursday 14th March:

Janet's husband George

George, Richard and Bridget

Richard and Bridget

Janet resting in peace

Thank you B for the Zambian crafts

International Women's Day

FoCH was very proud to have a presence at the inaugural International Women's Day celebrations at the Zambian High Commission in London yesterday, Friday 8th March. The event was a tremendous success. It was very well organised and well attended, featuring stalls, speeches, inspirational stories, networking, and of course generous quantities of nshima, chicken and other wonderful Zambian foods. This was a very enriching event and particularly wonderful to see the strength, vibrancy and confidence of Zambian women of all ages, proudly taking their place in the world. Let world affairs rage all around, here at the Zambian High Commission it was solidarity and sisterhood: all one under the sun.
Thank you to the organisers for this valuable opportunity. They say that next year will be even better. Is that even possible?!

Meanwhile, in Zambia, our team, on their way back to Lusaka from Chitambo, was held up in Kabwe by a fantastic women's day parade through the city centre.

Chitambo visit

We are so proud of our FoCH team, Consider, Bridget and Tili, who visited Chitambo last week on project monitoring and evaluation business. They were shown great hospitality and had a very busy time inspecting the new radio function, meeting with our scholarship students, and the Chitambo Hospital management to discuss many exciting developments for Chitambo District. 

They also visited Chitambo's Chipundu Rural Health Clinic in torrential rain. The Livingstone Monument was closed, so only seen from the gates. But, good news, a church group is upgrading the road and there are great plans for developing the district to the benefit of local people. 
Finally things are taking off for Chitambo District.  Thanks to all who are making it possible.

Thanks to our our team for the photos.

Bridget and Tili with Mr. Elekani, Hospital Administrator

The team with Dr. Mwamba (2nd from left)

Dr Mwamba (foreground)

Consider chairs the meeting with the hospital management team

On the road to Chipundu

Gates to Livingstone Monument

Friday, 1 March 2019

Chitambo Hospital Emergency Care Resource Centre

Out Trustee, Dr. Bridget Innes, semi-retired Edinburgh GP, is off to Zambia today, taking in her luggage 3 more tablet pcs and around 8 recent British National Drug Formularies (BNFs), destined for the Chitambo emergency care resource centre. 

Recent BNF by kind donation of Eastfield Medicla Practice, Penicuik, Scotland

Lenovo Yoga Tablet pcs, with emergency care downloads,  for use by staff at remote clinics
The BNFs were kindly donated by Dr. Kathryn Howe and colleagues at Eastfield Medical Practice, Penicuik, Scotland.  They are like gold in Chitambo District and will be very rueful to staff at the hospital and remote clinics, especially where there is no doctor.

The purpose of this centre, sponsored by Scottish Government, is to help staff give informed help and advice for common medical emergencies:   complicated child birth; road accidents; injuries; snake bite; rabies; elephant attacks; mushroom poisoning etc...you name it!

Staff are appreciative of all the resource provided although they do need more.  Please see this short home made video clip: