Thursday, 7 February 2019

CC Systems has installed the new radio infrastructure at Chitambo Hospital

Message from Chitambo partners:

"The new radio system installation at Chitambo Hospital by CC Systems. All the four(4) ambulances within Chitambo District now have radio communication systems.Thumbs up to our partners FoCH. The gesture will improve on responses to emergencies."

Good news from Chitambo towards an activation of the short code (Toll free number) by the Zambian Ministry of Health. Good Afternoon Consider, We have done the radio installation at Chitambo hospital and on a primary test with one ambulance we could reach a distance of around 40 km (see attached pictures). Also we did have a bit of a challenge to get to Reuben RHC that borders Zambia and Congo DRC (see pictures attached) we managed and all went well. Reuben has communication as well and connects to several clinics. We installed one extra mobile antenna into one additional Ambulance which already had a radio installed but no antenna Please let us know should there be any issue with the system, but we do not expect any problems. With Kind Regards CC Systems
CC Systems installing the emergency radio infrastructure

Saturday, 2 February 2019

We urgently need a Mothers Shelter

Chitambo Hospital also urgently needs a Mother's Shelter so that, in line with government policy, expectant mothers can deliver in hospital.  The shelter will provide accommodation for up to 1 month before delivery.

A similar shelter was built at Mpelembe, the largest of Chitambo District's 'hard to reach' Rural Health Clinics, in the Bangwelu wetlands.  This was funded by the Zambian Government's Constituency Development Fund.  However, that supply is now exhausted and the Chitambo District Director of Health is concerned about how to meet the government requirement that all expectant mothers deliver in hospital.  His cost estimate is around £12,000 for the building infrastructure.  More would, of course, be needed for equipping the shelter.

Any thoughts on how we can help Chitambo raise this funding would be welcomed.

We urgently need that trauma training

The shortcode (free toll) emergency care number installation is not a moment too soon as these photos of a serious bus accident at Kanona, near Chitambo Hospital, on 18th January, show. One person died and the injured were ferried to the hospital in the pouring rain.

This accident was reported the day after our Scottish Government Small Grant Assessment for our next funding application.  This application includes requested trauma and first repsonder training for hospital staff.  As the Head Physiotherapist said after the above accident:

"We urgently need that trauma training." 

Bus accident at Kanona near Chitambo

Chitambo ambulance crew stands by 

Dealing with the wreckage

Shortcode number for's official!

Thanks to Scottish Government, First Aid Africa, the Zambian Ministry of Health and the tireless efforts of Mr Consider Mudenda, Project Coordinator, money has now changed hands and work to install the necessary infrastructure (masts and radios) to enable the 992 shortcode (free toll) number for health in Chitambo District begins on Monday 4th February. Once implemented, this system will give everyone free telephone access to emergency help and advice, saving lives by cutting down on multiple delays.

FoCH, in collaboration with First Aid Africa and Chitambo colleagues, has  priced medical equipment...autoclave, x-ray processor, laboratory fridge and other items....much needed by the hospital.  These, again sponsored by Scottish Government, should soon be in place and making a difference.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Happy Christmas and New Year

Wishing all our friends and supporters the happiest Christmas and a very good New Year ahead: 
May all your dreams come true.  Click here to let Soweto Gospel Choir bring you some festive  cheer: 

Friends of Chitambo certainly has talent

We are extremely proud of our Zambian Trustee, Mr. Consider Mudenda, who has been selected from a short list of over  60 people to be Country Manager for the Virtual Doctors:
This organisation, marrying health and technology, is the perfect fit for his talents and the job offers him financial security.  He was hardly in the door before e was off on a week long trip to set up tele medicine links at 6 clinics in Malawi.  Being used to working with remote, rural clinics in Chitambo District, he took this in his stride.

There is plenty of scope for collaboration between Virtual Doctors and Friends of Chitambo and Consider is the perfect bridge between us.

Consider joins the Virtual Doctors team

First assignment: Consider with Virtual Doctors in Malawi

At Lake Malawi

Friends of Chitambo are present at the Scottish Government Grant Awareness Day (13th December 2018)

Thank you to Scottish Government for an excellent Grant Awareness day in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Thursday 13th December,
bringing together old friends and new, with much learning and networking. Thank you in particular for a special mention of Chitambo. This was much appreciated. The meeting was opened by the Honorable Scottish Minister for International Affairs, Ben Macpherson.
Good also to meet Dr Kalonde Kasengele, Chair of the Scottish Zambia Partnership (SCOZAP) and Mr Paul Gowens, Head Paramedic, Scottish Ambulance Service, who has just returned from a visit to Zambia, including Chitambo.

Chitambo gets a mention

Bridget listens intently

Donation of surgical face masks for Chitambo Hospital

Heartfelt thanks to Kerry Chalmers, Head of NHS Scotland Global Health Coordination Unit, Scottish Government and Scott Cowan, National Stock Controller, National Blood Transfusion Services Scotland, for facilitating a donation of 30 boxes of surgical face masks for Chitambo Hospital, central Zambia.
These were collected by Jo Vallis, FoCH Chair and Chris Roberts, Trustee, who also benefited from a tour of the state of the art blood transfusion unit where all Scottish blood supplies are processed and latest blood cells research conducted. Thank you Scott. If only Chitambo could benefit from such facilities.
Jo accepts boxes of face masks from Scott

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Consignment of FoCH business cards

Huge thanks to our wonderful Treasurer, Monika Jaros, for obtaining a consignment of 1,000 FoCh business cards at very reasonable cost, whilst home in Poland.  We are most grateful for that.

The cards were created by Helen Davies, Designer, Langarth: CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

Monika, Treasurer

Our new business cards

Generous donation of books

We were  greatly honoured to have acclaimed author Callum Christie present at the 'Willd Namibia' fundraising event and are profoundly grateful to him for his immense generosity in donating a bag of his books for sale in aid of Chitambo. He signed 3 copies of the book, 'Goodbye colonialism', for delighted recipients and offered the rest for future sales.
Callum has extensive experience of living and working in pre and post colonial Zambia. All his children were born there and he is an ardent supporter of Zambia today, including Friends of Chitambo.