Monday, 6 August 2018

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Day in Chitambo District

News from. Mr Brian Mwense, Head Nutritionist, Chitambo District:
"Celebrating World Breast Feeding day by actively promoting breast feeding in Chitambo District, including at Muchinka clinic."
Congratulations Mr. Mwense and team, it's great and important work towards reducing severe malnutrition in the under-5s.
Celebrating World Breastfeeding Day in Chitambo District

Muchinka Clinic Breastfeeding Team

Surprise donation

Out of the blue come more amazing 'old friends' of Chitambo, Dutch couple Fokke and Lia Goudswaard. They were based in Zambia during the 1970s and their first child was born at Chitambo Hospital (1976). They have very fond memories of Chitambo so, when celebrating 'significant' birthdays this year, they requested no gifts but only donations to Friends of Chitambo. They were clear that the reason for selecting us as custodians of this generous donation is that we are a grassroots organisation, 'only 2 steps away' from action on the ground at Chitambo.
Our committee will discuss best use of their generous donation. However, one option would be to provide more tablet pcs for hospital and clinics, as requested by the hospital team in February 2018. This would give clinical staff greater access to emergency care Information.
We are much humbled by this surprise donation and can't thank Fokke and Lia enough for their immense generosity. Thank you so much, you are making a real difference.

Twatotela saana mukwai (thank you)

Welcoming Honorable Zambian Minister for Community Development/Mother and Child Health to Scotland

FoCH had a strong presence at a very special event in Glasgow last night (26th July), to welcome Honorable Zambian Minister for Community Development and Mother and Child Health, Emerine Kabanshi, to Scotland. 

4 FoCH Trustees (Jo Vallis, Mudenda Munkombwe, Bridget Innes and Suzgo Ndhlovu) were highly privilidged to attend, along with other members of the Scottish Zambia Partnership (SCOZAP)
The meeting took place at the Scottish Government offices at Atlantic Quay, with a meal provided. It. was a lovely occasion and a great opportunity not only to meet old friends and new but to have intimate dialogue with the Honorable Minister on matters of most concern to Diaspora member and Friends of Zambia. 

The Honorable Minister recalled the meeting with 2 FoCH Trustees (Jo Vallis and Consider Mudenda) at her Lusaka office in February 2018. She said that Chitambo is very important to both Zambians and Scots because of the historical connections, and pledged her future support as possible.
Thank you to all who made this meeting possible and most of all to Honorable Minister Kabanshi for her precious time and gracious presence.

Hon Minister Emerine Kabanshi (sitting right) with Zambian Diaspora and friends fo Zambia in Scotland

Honorable Minister Kabanshi (standing)

FoCH Social and Information Event

Following our recent Social and Information event at Haig's restaurant, Penicuik,Scotland, we are now blessed with a formidable, multi-skilled Board with an even stronger Diaspora presence. The Information workshop, facilitated by Consultant Gillian Wilson, helped match available skills to required roles. A real highlight were the live WhatsApp links with Zambian based Trustees Consider Mudenda and Levi Chifwaila who tuned in to inspire and motivate us. 
Gillian Wilson, workshop leadre

Dr and mrs Kashina

Suzgo (L) and Chris (R)


Bridget and Richard

Under the flag of our land!

Margaret and Chola
Work done....and scones eaten....we repaired to the restaurant below for a sumptuous Zambian lunch provided by Head Chef Stephan Wood. That people came back for 2nds and 3rds suggests the nshima and relish were up to scratch. They were enjoyed by all

Nshima at Haigs

Head Chef, Stephan Wood (L) accepts a small token of appreciation

Ba Loveness Mwelwa enjoys the lunch

Young Mumba Mwelwa preferred a burger..but hey! 

Richard and Heather lunching

Our new Treasurer, Monika and her little one (our youngest mascot)

Michelo and Margaret

Kashina, Mudenda and Bridget tuck in

Thanks to all who made this such a successful and worthwhile day and a great platform for our ongoing endeavours. Photos are by our talented new Trustee, Heather Emond. Prospective new Trustee, Ian Dunn, (journalist turned International Development worker) helped us to submit a press release to local papers.

Centenary ambulance is home from annual servicing

Great news! The Chitambo Centenary Ambulance has returned from servicing and is in good form. Thank you to the Chitambo team for their kind words of appreciation for our small contribution to its maintenance:
"The vehicle still has life. It's our only reliable utility vehicle. You people we thank you so much for the maintenance of this vehicle. May God bless you all."

God bless you too Team Chitambo! You are the ones making a difference to rural healthcare.

Learning from our partners at Agape Village Orphanage, Chitambo

Lovely news from our clever cousins at Agape Village orphanage, Chitambo:
"Agape Village recently exhibited the bounty from our farm and gardens at the District Agriculture show in Chitambo Village. Nyawa spoke to attendants about our crops and growing/harvesting techniques. (We are VERY PROUD of her and Annie Mutale, who keep our gardens plentiful)"
Read more about our gardens and farm crops at
Hopefully there will be good synergy between Agape Village and Chitambo Hospital Nutrition Team, on solving the high levels of under-5 malnutrition in Chitambo District.  That can only be for the good.

Books, books, books!

Huge thanks to Lead Medical Librarians at the University of Zambia (UNZA), for a pile of Merck Statistical Manuals. What a generous gesture. These are much prized by Chitambo health staff and will make a real difference. As they say, with friends like these, Chitambo is blessed.

UNZA donation of Merck Manuals

Also to Dr-to-be, Yun Xin Koh, founder of Sheffield Med Aid, for the generous donation of 4 British national Formularies (BNF) and to Karen Edwards, Vision Aid Overseas, Zambia, who offered to take them to Zambia for us.  

Yun Xin Koh (R) and Lovenes Mwelwa (L) with BNF 
Karen was in UK for a meeting and was in touch to offer help with transporting any items back to Zambia. At our FoCH Social and Information Event yesterday (Saturday 21st July), our new Trustee, Chris, who's partner is on the Board of Vision Aid, picked up the 4 fat drug formularies.  His partner, Laura, a local Optometrist, will take them to the Vision Aid Board meeting in England (25th July) and the books should now be on their way to Zambia where our local Trustee, Consider Mudenda will intercept them for onward transport to Chitambo when convenient.

Thank you to all for the generous donations and help.