Sunday, 1 January 2012

January 2012 - Chitambo Nurse Training School Reopens

This was a very historic month for Chitambo.  The Nurse Training School opened on 9th January. 

The 27 Registered Nurse students started to arrive on Friday 6th and Levi Chifwaila, Nurse Tutor, gave the first lecture was given on 16th.

Medical Aid Films:

The opening of the school coincided with a visit to Chitambo by Sarah Wallace, Programme Officer, Medical Aid Films (MAF):

MAF is a UK-based organisation which is producing teaching aid films for patients and staff (Traditional Birth Attendants, Nurses and Junior Doctors).  Films, so far, include Safe Delivery, Prevention of Postpartum Haemorrhage, Neonatal Resuscitation etc.  They are completely free of charge and are geared towards low resource and no resource settings.

Sarah is investigating piloting the films at Chitambo, both at the hospital’s proactive Ante Natal Clinic and at associated Rural Health Clinics.  This provides potential to supplement existing patient education with visual displays.  With permission of local staff, Sarah obtained some film footage at Chitambo and also gave a favourable report of the readiness of the NTS and hostel for action.