Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Please nominate us for this award!

If you are UK-based, or know anyone who is, please, please nominate us for this £1,000 award!
Deadline Friday 17th May. It only takes a few minutes and will make a big difference to our healthcare work at Chitambo, central Zambia:
We are Friends of Chitambo SCIO, charity registration number SC044337.
Our focus is health, including funding a Telehealth link with the Virtual Doctors; emergency care projects; nurse training scholarships; ambulance maintenance; under 5 nutrition; and maternity care in Chitambo District.
Thanks to the Virtual Doctors for the 'heads up' on this opportunity. We have nominated them and if we are fortunate enough to win one of the £1,000 awards, we will probably put it towards the telehealth link with them.
Thank you for your support.