Meet the Member: Consider Mudenda

Consider is a trained and experienced Zambian Information and Computer (ICT) Professional, and Director of the Zambia Research and Development Technology Academy (ZRDTA). He previously partnered on the THET Multi-link project on e-learning for nurse training. As part of this, he helped to host an e-learning conference at Macha Works, in Southern Province: 

Dr. Nzinga, Matron Mubanga and Levi Chifwaila, attended this meeting from Chitambo. During that project, Consider also visited Chitambo and consulted with them about their ICT and internet needs at Chitambo. More recently, he has been taking these discussions forward again, in partnership with ICT colleagues at the University of California in Santa Barbara, on a potential project to pilot VillageCell low cost mobile phone technology for emergency outreach communications at Chitambo Hospital. As a skilled computer professional, with a passion for empowering remote and rural communities, Consider is a great asset and a very good Friend of Chitambo.

Consider Mudenda flying high (Left), with his wife, Pharren, (Right)

Read Considers’ own profile: 

Consider Mudenda, Director ZRDTA, has a strong ICT Background in both Computing
Sciences and Information Management. He has international experience in running several projects for community development in rural areas of Zambia. He professionally has a holistic approach in Research and Development, in that position, he earned a respect in authoring, reviewing and publication of several ICT papers for international conferences and online Journals. Consider has a passion to see lives of many changed for better health across the communities of Zambia and Africa.

Consider is an excellent team player with ability to provide a vision, think and act strategically with flexibility to remain highly focused in demand and fast paced environment. Consider has been working with several government stakeholders and community leaders like chiefs in many projects in Zambia.

Consider is a natural leader who believes he was ‘born to do’. He has an international wider experience in Project Management. He takes many initiatives to address critical issues of ICT and Health in many communities of Zambia.

In 2012, he was selected to be a 4 year in-country project coordinator between ZRDTA (Zambia) and UCSB (USA), for scaling up health standards of people in rural health posts in southern province of Zambia. He believes for people to develop, they must be healthy and ICT can be used as a tool for better health and information access. Consider has helped many international research institutions to pilot many sustainable projects in Zambia.

With the growing of these opportunities, he has also identified an opportunity to Friends of Chitambo (FoC) in central province of Zambia to pilot a VillageCell project to break the barriers of communication between RHPs and the Chitambo Main Hospital. His desire to see people in rural areas of Zambia have access to right information and just in time is what makes him devote his time to bring the Chitambo project into being. He is working so tirelessly for FoC.

This year (2014), he won an international photo competition with NIDOS with a first prize award. The photo shows an establishment of a link between RHPs and Main Hospital (Macha Mission Hospital) in rural area of Zambia using ICT approach. The same concept is anticipated to be born in Chitambo, Central province of Zambia. We hope he will be a key person for Chitambo projects too and many others!

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