Thursday, 15 January 2015

Chitambo health staff need quality education for their children

A major consideration for skilled health staff and other community members in rural areas, like Chitambo, is how to educate their children. Local government schools can be under resourced and distance alternatives are costly or unavailable.

Chitambo contacts are keen to establish a small, high quality school where they can be sure that their children are getting a quality education whilst living in this rural area. This is not a luxury but a serious priority. Well qualified health staff make a big sacrifice in opting for rural experience. However dedicated they are, they are taking risks both in terms of their children's exposure to serious diseases such as malaria and the quality of their education. Helping them overcome these problems could contribute to their long term retention in the area. They have already established a small pre-school for younger Chitambo children and are seeking the means to extend this to primary school education. There are good models to be seen elsewhere in Zambia, such MICS primary school at Macahworks, Southern Province:

Chitambo needs help to develop a similar model. Please, if you are a secret millionaire and/or have expertise in the field of education, we would love to hear from you!

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