Saturday, 9 May 2015

Friend of Chitambo honoured in Zambian Labour Day Awards

We are thrilled that our Friends of Chitambo Trustee, Mr. Levi Chifwaila, was honoured in Friday's Labour Day Awards, in the Chitambo District.
Levi is Senior Nurse Tutor at Chitambo School of Nursing.  He was  selected  by a committee composed of hospital and school of nursing staff, who unanimously voted him the most hard working member of staff.  
He received this very fine copper plated fine wooden shield, with 'Labour Day Award' and his name engraved on it:
                                                                      Levi's Award
The awards were presented at Mukando, north of Chitambo, on Great North Road.  This is to be the new Chitambo District HQ.  Employees from a range of local industries and services (health, education, agriculture, fisheries etc) gathered for the ceremony.  Awardees were given a small amount of cash to buy their own lunch and a little extra for an item, such as a mattress or something else of use to them personally.
Awards were presented by a panel including Mr. Kaseba, the new Chitambo District Commissioner,  and Dr. Mumba, District Director of Health.  
                          Levi receives his award from Dr. Mumba, District Director of Health
       The proud owner of the Labour Day Award for 'most hardworking' member of staff
It is a great gesture to honour rural health workers in this way.  They work so hard and often, apparently, for little tangible reward.  We are delighted that Levi's contribution has been recognised.  As a highly educated and experienced nurse and tutor, he is a very valuable asset to Chitambo.  Anything that will help him to stay and serve the community there seems a very good thing.
The School of Nursing's driver was also awarded for his loyalty.

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