Monday, 21 December 2015

Chitambo School of Nursing: Update

It's not so long since Chitambo School of Nursing's 2nd Intake received their first stripe on their caps and/or uniform lapels, at the Capping Ceremony in September 2015.  This was 6 months into training and marked their initiation into the profession.

Capping Ceremony

Capped students
The same students sat their first end of year exams on 14th December and Mr. Levi Chifwaila, Senior Nurse Tutor, sent this photo by WhatsApp.

End of year exams

Amongst these students are the 2 new candidates for the Friends of Chitambo Nurse Training Scholarship, one male, one female.  Further details of the  background reasons for their selection will follow.   However, meantime, we wish them all the very best with exam results and on-going training. 

The first 2 students whom we supported graduated in September, at the spectacular Graduation Ceremony (the day after the Capping Ceremony).  Hearty congratulations to them and to all their fellow graduates.  We wish you all very well in your future careers, serving Zambia's health care needs.

Chitambo School of Nursing Graduation Ceremony, September 2015 

'Our' first Friends of Chitambo Scholars!


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