Wednesday, 11 July 2018

FoCH Board recruitment

FoCH is delighted to report that our numbers are growing. We have several very talented new Board members on board at the UK end and several more potential ones in the pipeline. We are holding a Social and Information event in July, to bring these different members together for strategic planning. The social aspect will be a Scottish/Zambian-style lunch so nshima-making practice is in order! Wish us luck and please send hints if you know how!

A major component of the Information session, Chaired by an expert International Development Consultant, will be a WhatsApp link with our Zambian Trustees, so they can inspire UK members on what has been achieved at Chitambo and how they can help. 

We are also privileged to have had recent contact from a young lady who is from Chitambo and now lives in England. She is keen to join us and help to give back to her home community. This brings our Zambian Diaspora membership to 6, 5 of whom are from Central Province and 4 from Chitambo. They are a great asset and bridge between our cultures and communities.

Watch this space for photos from the event.

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