Friday, 26 October 2018

Scottish investment in Chitambo District?

So who is this Scottish investor coming to build a 5 star hotel at the Livingstone Monument in Chitambo District, to honour the memory of Dr. David Livingstone?: See here

Will they also honour Chitambo Hospital, the living memorial to David Livingstone? Founded in his memory, by his nephew Malcolm Moffat (1908), this hospital was staffed by Scottish doctors and nurses for many years. However, in recent years it has been all but neglected by Scotland and remains grossly under resourced. 
Whereas recent funding for solar panels is very welcome, much more is needed. In Livingstone's own words 'Who will be found to carry on the work which I have started?'

Chitambo boasts a number of historical artifacts, including an old stool which is said to have been used by Livingstone.

Mr Levi Chfwaila demonstrates Livingston'es Chair

The Chair said to be used by Livingstone in his dying days

Hopefully the investment will benefit the impoverished fishing communities of the Bangwelu swamps, who suffer some of Zambia's highest levels of severe under-5 malnutrition and malaria, amongst other health issues.

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