Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Wild Namibia photo exhibition and lunch

A highly successful fundraising event at Haigs Bar/Restaurant, Penicuik, Scotland (Saturday 24th November). Huge thanks to Paul Vallis for the magnificent photo exhibition:  
Also our inspiring speakers Dr Bridget Innes, Mr Suzgo Ndhlovu, and Ms Mudenda Munkombwe for their great contributions.
Particular thanks to Head Chef Steve Wood for the sumptuous Zambian lunch including nshima (maize meal) with various relishes including ifisashi (peanut sauce) and chicken stew. And, most of all, to therestraunt's Operations Manager, Mr Jack Robinson pictured), for hosting the event and offering to display our photos for sale in the restaurant, in aid of Chitambo. Haigs indeed has heart and we are truly blessed.

Mr Jack Robinson, Operations manager, Haig's Bar/Restaurant, Penicuik, Championing our cause 

Paul Vallis (R)photographer

Lunch and networking

After dinner lectures with framed photos in the background


Richard Vallis (R), ticket collector!

Sale goods

Enjoying lunch and chat

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