Saturday, 2 February 2019

We urgently need a Mothers Shelter

Chitambo Hospital also urgently needs a Mother's Shelter so that, in line with government policy, expectant mothers can deliver in hospital.  The shelter will provide accommodation for up to 1 month before delivery.

A similar shelter was built at Mpelembe, the largest of Chitambo District's 'hard to reach' Rural Health Clinics, in the Bangwelu wetlands.  This was funded by the Zambian Government's Constituency Development Fund.  However, that supply is now exhausted and the Chitambo District Director of Health is concerned about how to meet the government requirement that all expectant mothers deliver in hospital.  His cost estimate is around £12,000 for the building infrastructure.  More would, of course, be needed for equipping the shelter.

Any thoughts on how we can help Chitambo raise this funding would be welcomed.

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