Friday, 1 March 2019

Chitambo Hospital Emergency Care Resource Centre

Out Trustee, Dr. Bridget Innes, semi-retired Edinburgh GP, is off to Zambia today, taking in her luggage 3 more tablet pcs and around 8 recent British National Drug Formularies (BNFs), destined for the Chitambo emergency care resource centre. 

Recent BNF by kind donation of Eastfield Medicla Practice, Penicuik, Scotland

Lenovo Yoga Tablet pcs, with emergency care downloads,  for use by staff at remote clinics
The BNFs were kindly donated by Dr. Kathryn Howe and colleagues at Eastfield Medical Practice, Penicuik, Scotland.  They are like gold in Chitambo District and will be very rueful to staff at the hospital and remote clinics, especially where there is no doctor.

The purpose of this centre, sponsored by Scottish Government, is to help staff give informed help and advice for common medical emergencies:   complicated child birth; road accidents; injuries; snake bite; rabies; elephant attacks; mushroom poisoning name it!

Staff are appreciative of all the resource provided although they do need more.  Please see this short home made video clip:

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