Meet the Member: Dr Malcolm Moffat

Meet Dr. Malcolm Moffat

Malcolm is the grandson of David Livingstone’s nephew, also called Malcolm Moffat. It was Malcolm Moffat Senior who founded Chitambo Mission and Hospital in 1908, together with Livingstone's grandchildren. The Moffat family was highly influential in the Chitambo area for many years. Malcolm Moffat Snr. and other members of the family are buried at Kalwa, near Chitambo. The Malcolm Moffat Teacher Training College, at Serenje, was founded in memory of Malcolm Moffat Snr. Dr Malcolm Moffat (our current Friend) is a retired medical doctor. As a trainee, he undertook his Medical Elective at Chitambo Hospital in the 1950s and later served for 2 years as Doctor in Charge at Lubwa Mission Hospital. His brother and sister-in-law, David and Christine Moffat, still farm at Mkushi and were instrumental in founding the acclaimed Chengelo School:

To the above, Dr. Moffat adds:

My link with Chitambo is through my grandfather Malcolm Moffat who was sent from Livingstonia to start a new mission field in Northern Rhodesia in 1907. He and his wife Marie worked there until 1930. Dr A Brown was the first doctor there and was followed by Dr Hubert Wilson and his sister, Ruth, both grand children of David Livingstone. I worked as a medical student elective in the newly rebuilt Chitambo Hospital under the supervision of Dr John Todd and Margaret Turnbull in 1955.
Dr Hubert Wilson’s son David also worked as a doctor in Northern Rhodesia, at Lubwa Mission, and I took over from him in 1959 & worked there until it was taken over by Government in 1961. Subsequently my wife, Jean, and I worked in Zambia and Uganda over the next 7 years (and later, in The Gambia) before returning to Britain in 1971 to work as a paediatrician in the NHS.

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