Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happy Birthday to our Honorary President

Our Honorary President, Mrs. Janet Knox, celebrated her birthday in style with a Friends of Chitambo Mayo (Mother) lunch at Giovanis Italian restaurant in Penicuik, Scotland Read about Giovani's  Bistro here

Birthday Girl, Janet (left), with Penicuik Mayo, Margaret (right)

Giovani's have been generous donors to our Penicuik Street Fair raffle prizes. 

They are currently running a photo competition for the most exotic photo location of one of their Giovani Teddy Bears.  N'Kundalila Falls, near Chitambo, perhaps?  Or could we have a photo in Giovani's Bistro itself, with our 2 Zambian Friends of Chitambo who will be  travelling to Scotland in June 2015, for Scottish Government Small Grant business?  These Friends are Mr. Levi Chifwaila, Senior Nurse Tutor at Chitambo, and Mr. Consider Mudenda, Technical Lead. 

Mr. Mudenda has been to Italy and sampled Italian cuisine, when he undertook a short computer networking course in Trieste (2013).  Jo Vallis, Friends of Chitambo Coordinator met him there and, together, they witnessed the inauguration of Pope Francis, the world's first Southern Pope, on a vast TV screen in the restaurant where they dined.