Thursday, 19 March 2015

Strategic planning workshops

A huge thank you to Tim Lewis-Nicholson for leading UK Friends in clarifying our Vision, Mission, Values, Aim and Objectives.  This is proving extremely valuable.  Here is our Vision, agreed by some Friends at Chitambo:

"A healthy Chitambo District"

This is deliberately wide, to encompass health in all its senses, and not just 'healthcare'. 

We have drafted our Values an Mission Statement and will post all these on this site in due course.

Tim is just the man for the job to help us develop these aspects.  You will see why from his profile below:
· Worked for the International Red Cross Movement for 7 years across Australia and the Pacific region
· Specialised in the area of disaster management and logistics before, during and after disasters
· Lived and worked for two years in many small Pacific island nations
· Has also work extensively in training, exercising and organisational development across the Red Cross world as well
· Currently works for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in their Response & Resilience Directorate
· Is a Civil Contingencies Officer which focuses on emergency planning, risk mapping & multi-agency coordination across the East of Scotland

View of Edinburgh Castle, from the meeting room window

 Strategic planning workship in progress

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