Friday, 17 April 2015

A growing Zambian 'Friends of' Movement?

Levi Chifwaila, Senior Nurse Tutor, Chitambo School of Nursing, was amazed, when visiting Chilonga Hospital/School of Nursing (about 200 miles north of Chitambo), to discover that they also have a Friends of Chilonga link! We do not yet know full details but look forward to hearing more when Levi visits Scotland in June 2015.

This follows on from a recent posting on the Healthcare Information for All (HIFA)-Zambia network (HIFA-Zambia) about a Friends of Monze: Friends of Monze.  Monze is a town in Southern Province, Zambia.

Freinds of Monzehas a common 'kitchen table' ancestry to Friends of Chitambo, which originally started with 4 Scottish Mayos (mothers) sitting around the kitchen table drinking tea and planning how to link with, and support, partners at Chitambo.

Our Committee has now blossomed with essential new blood including experts in health, emergency care, strategic planning, international development, finance, fundraising, and much more!

We are indeed blessed.

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