Friday, 17 April 2015

First aid for snake bite?

We are delighted that Zambian born Dr. Jim Bond has joined the steering group of our Scottish Government-funded project on 'Strengthening emergency care communications between Chitambo Hospital and its Rural health Clinics'. Hi medical expertise, including in emergency care provision in remote, rural Mozambique and Tanzania, will be a major asset.

Dr. Bond is from Mporokoso, Northern Province, Zambia, where his father was District Commissioner before and after Zambian independence. He knows the environment very well, including the type of snakes to be found there, and is interested in developing some area specific guidance on first-aid management of snakebite

This could fit well with the Knowledge Brokering aspect of our project, which will involve knowledge and information scientists working closely with Chitambo clinicians to translate quality knowledge into practical, frontline action for improvement of emergency healthcare. Improved management of snakebite could certainly save lives, don't you think?

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