Thursday, 6 August 2015

It's raining used laptops!

An appeal for used laptops for Chitambo resulted first in 2 offers from Dundee.  The first was from Professor Jean Kerr, Professor of Medical Education.  The laptops were presented at the Clinical Skills Centre at the Medical School, Ninewells Hospital Dundee (Pictured):

Left to right: Prof. Jean Kerr, Professor of Medical Education; Dr. Jo Vallis, Coordinator, Friends of Chitambo; Professor M. Smith, Dean of Nursing; Dr. Ben Shippey, Director, Clinical Skills Centre; Gill Keith, Centre Manager

Professor Kerr and colleagues have also offered medical books and teaching equipment from the Clinical Skills Centre.

The second offer was from Scottish Zambia Partnership (SCOZAP) member Mr.Winston Flynn, who works in ICT at Perth College.  He very kindly sourced 2 used laptops and has prepared these for use in Zambia.

Two members of the Vallis family have also sent 2 MacBooks.  So we currently have a total of 6 good laptops to take to Zambia in September 2015, on our reciprocal project visit.

Heartfelt thanks to all who have helped.  You are making such a difference. 

We are also appealing for used smartphone handsets for use with our emergency care project's mobile phone 'hotline'.

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