Friday, 27 November 2015

Gifts from Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International (MCAI)

Scottish charity MCAI donated 3 copies of their huge textbook, International Maternal and Child Health Care (Click here), to Chitambo and these were delivered there in September 2015.  At least one copy is for the new emergency care resource room established as part of our current Scottish Government-sponsored project on 'Strengthening emergency care communications in the Chitambo District.

Professor David Southhall, MCAI Medical Director, has now offered Chitambo Hospital staff copies of 2 new pocket books:

In addition, he has forwarded a vast e-library of Maternal and Child Health resources (books, papers, guidelines, videos etc.) on a USB stick (pictures below).  All this is completely free of charge and simply for the sake of improving care of women and children in the Chitambo District, and contributing to saving lives.  

Thank you MCAI, for these very generous gestures.  We are very grateful.

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