Thursday, 26 November 2015

Life for African Mothers are also offering to help

It is raining offers of wonderful help for the Chitambo emergency care project.  The latest offer is from Life for African Mothers: Click here to see more

This organisation was started by Angela Gorman, a retired nurse from Wales, who was appalled by the high rates of preventable maternal mortality around the world.  The charity supplies Misoprostol and other anti-haemorrhage drugs to hospitals around the world and has offered this to Chitambo.  Just 3 Misoprostol tablets can prevent haemorrhage in childbirth and make the difference between life and death for Chitambo District mothers.

Thank you very much Angela, for this wonderful offer.  We hope that Chitambo contacts will be able to link with you so that local mothers can benefit from this generous initiative.

This offer came about as a result of a message on the HIFA Network (HIFA) requesting help with sourcing Non-pneumatic Anti-shock garments for management of post-partum haemorrhage in childbirth: Click here for more information
Doctors at Chitambo Hospital indicated that these garments could save lives.  They are like wet suits and can help to control the bleeding once it has happened, whereas Misoprostol and other drugs can prevent bleeding in the first place.

Clearly prevention is better than cure.  However, both are likely to be needed and our forthcoming fundraising event, a pre-Christmas Quiz Night, will focus on raising funds to supply the 'wet suits' to as many Chitambo clinics as possible.

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