Thursday, 10 August 2017

Africa to Scotland

June was a very busy month for Friends of Chitambo (FoCH), with visits to the UK and Ireland by 2 African partners, Consider and Blessing.  This was in relation to our Scottish Government sponsored project on 'Strengthening emergency communications in Chitambo District'.  In April 2017, we received a second round of funding for this work and are forging ahead with related developments.

Please see the following link for a summary of progress:Click here for the summary report

Whilst in Europe, Blessing, who is Knowledge Broker Development Manager for the project, worked with NHSScotland Knowledge colleagues on developing the Knowledge Broker role. Knowledge Brokers are library and information scientist who help health staff to translate (access and use) vital information into action at the frontline.

Consider, who is In-country Project Coordinator, complemented the Knowledge Broker work by downloading 5 apps/pdfs to 3 new Lenovo Yoga tablet pcs purchased for teh project.  These are for use at Chitambo's 3 'hardest to reach' Rural Health Clinics (RHC), where there is no mobile phone or internet connectivity.  The downloads include:

  • Medscape: 
  • ZeroMothers Die:
  • British Red Cross First Aid (general and child): 
  • Dynamed: 
  • Zambian national Formulary: 
We also purchased 40 new emergency care print books from teaching Aids at Low Cost:

These include:

  • Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care (16 copies, one per 12 Chitambo District Rural Heath Centre plus some to spare for the resource centre)
  • Medicnes Sans Frontier (MSF) Clinical Guidelines (12 copies, 1 per 12 RHC)
  • British National Formulary (BNF) (12 copies, 1 per 12 RHC)
The books will be carried to Zambia in September 2017 when a UK delegation travels to Chitambo for the purposes of project monitoring/evaluation and a 3-day First Aid Workshop for ambulance drivers and front line emergency care staff, which is being organised by Chitambo partner, Levi, a Senior Nurse Lecturer.

Despite the busy Scottish visit schedule, there was some time for soem socialising and FoCH Trustees Chola and Loveness paid a visit to Penicuik, Scotland, to meet up with Consider.  Chola and Loveness are nurses in the Midlands of England.  However, Chola is a Lala gentleman, and is from Chitambo.  This makes him a real asset to FoCH as  he has close contacts on the ground at Chitambo and can advise on all local matters.
(L to R: Chola and Consider enjoying nshima in Penicuik Scotland)

Loveness and Chola in Penicuik: Whata fine couple they are

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