Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How I have benefited from a Friends of Chitambo Nurse Training Scholarship

Here's an extract from a letter from one of 'our' Scholarship students:

                                                                                         Chitambo School of Nursing

                                                                                         April 2017

How I knew about Friends of Chitambo and how I have benefited

I came to know about the Friends of Chitambo and the scholarships they offer through our group tutor.  I am half orphan.  My father is dead and we are being looked after by Mum who is a full time housewife.  I have challenges paying my school fees because the money Dad left is not enough to sustain I and my siblings.  So at one time my mother was called to school because of the financial situation I was having and upon hearing her cries my group tutor decided that I be included in the scholarship that Friends of Chitambo was offering.

The sponsorship has really relieved me of the anguish of paying school fees.  It was quite demoralising every semester when time for paying school fees was mentioned.  At one time I even thought of stopping school because I thought I was going nowhere.  But thanks be to God through the Friends of Chitambo who came to my rescue.  Now I see a light at the end of the tunnel,

Thank you Friends of Chitambo for giving me hope.  It's my prayer that you may do for others what you have done for me. AMEN.


Friends of Chitambo supports 2 student nurses through their 3-year Registered Nurse training at any one time.  Bwalya and Mary,the other student we are currently supporting, are in their final year.  We are in discussion with Chitambo colleagues about selecting a further 2 students once they graduate in 2018.

Training a student nurse costs around 21,000 Zambian Kwachas (£1,7986) in total for the 3 year training (around £596/year), although this changes from year to year as costs increase.

See our online donation button on this blog if you think you can help.

Here is a list of items which the costs cover:

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