Friday, 28 November 2014

Freak winds and rain leave Chitambo roofless

Mickey Bailley, Agape Village Orpahange Founder, has shared this alarming news just in from Chitambo:

"After the heavy rains today around 15: 00hrs, some infrastructure at the hospital had roofs blown off. About 5 Chitambo hospital staff houses roofs have been blown off, 1 mother shelter, 2 toilets and the IRT clinic's roofs have been blown off. The DC is still working to see if they can find them alternative places while waiting for their structures to be roofed."

Such freak weather is surely unusual at Chitambo? We understand, from Levi Chifwaila, Senior Nurse Tutor, that it could have been a whirlwind which did it. He managed to say, before his mobile phone died, that there was no electricity and that they were holding a party for the Finalist Students Nurses by candle light.

 We wish them all very well. Indeed, our hearts go out to everyone at Chitambo and we hope that they are safe and no one is hurt. We hope that the structural damage will soon be repaired and that people are not too inconvenienced. At least it is good to hear that the rains have come on schedule? Isn't technology amazing that we can hear this news almost immediately, half way around the world? If only it would also enable us to 'teleport' practical help as quickly!

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