Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Team NZ fly the flag for Zambia at 50!

Our Friend of Chitambo, Dr. Marion Currie/Taylor, pictured in the Scottish/Zambian tartan waistcoat, reports on the flag flying ceremony which she organised in Wanganui, North Island New Zealand:

"Here in little Wanganui, on 24th, we had a Zambian flag-raising ceremony at dawn,  at the District Council chambers,with a saxophonist playing the  Zambian national anthem. The small crowd of people with Zambian connections was invited back to our place for dinner last night and we had a most exuberant evening of swapping stories. One Peter Frost is the son of the DC from Luapula province before independence. Peter went to Lusaka Boys and Kabulonga. He's an ecologist and ornithologist and goes back to Zambia on wildlife trips. He's an amazing fount of knowledge. He insisted on making the nsima and  did it to perfection. The saxophonist, Ken Chernoff has lived in the Borders until recently and is a friend of Norman Chipakupaku's. He and his wife met in Kenya, and Ken played in the Zambian bands, MosiOTunya and Shakarongo. Doug Davidson was born in Mwinilungu of Bretheren missionaries and is the (atheistic!) editor of one of our local papers. Robin Smith, one of the nurses I work with at the hospice, has travelled through Zambia, and worked in Sudan with the peace corps.
With our nsima we had Zambian chicken stew, ifisashi, bobootie and roast pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Dessert was fruit salad  and 'melk tart' with ice cream. It all seemed to go down well.
Afterwards we watched the DVD of our 2008  return trip. Ken had a DVD of his band playing in Scotland but  sadly it wouldn't work on our machine. We talked about having an African festival in Wanganui and there was  great enthusiasm for this. Let's see where this leads."

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