Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fundraising and finances

We have two pre-Christmas fundraising event in the offing here in Scotland:

Saturday 6th December, Penicuik Christmas Street Fair:  The Penicuk Mayos (Margaret, Gillian and Jo) will be doing their usual stuff, selling various produce in support of Chitambo.  They will be glad of any help they can get with fetching, carrying and hosting 3 stalls.

Sunday 7th December, Christmas Charity Festival:  Our Trustee, Nicola, has proposed this excellent event, which includes sponsored runs and walks: http://www.christmascharityfestival.com/

Nicola has signed up for the run, Jo for the walk (her knees won't permit running these days I'm afraid!).  We hope others will join us.

We are setting up a Just Giving line in the hopes of attracting support towards further projects at Chitambo Hospital and Nurse Training School, including 2 further Nurse Training Scholarships for the 2nd intake, starting in January 2015.

Our Treasurer, Fiona, has created an online accounting system for us, making future transactions and reporting all the easier.  This is despite working around the clock on her day job, and travelling widely. Thank you very much Fiona, for this valuable contribution.  We  are indebted and feel very lucky to have someone of your financial calibre at the helm.

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